We have a highly professional and qualified recruitment team, including multi-disciplinary Consultants, Specialists, and Coordinators, with expertise across all functional areas and industries, to facilitate our clients in a more convenient and simple manner. Involving into the Operation and Maintenance Outsourcing as well as Manpower Outsourcing including Payroll Management field in various sectors: Construction / Infrastructure / Warehouse/ Logistics / Steel / Power / Mines / Oil & Gas / Power Distribution / Water Treatment Plant / Manufacturing etc.



11+ Years



BESI Private Ltd. is committed to delivering a thoroughly satisfactory experience with every recruitment campaign. We hold ourselves to extremely high standards of professionalism, integrity, and accuracy, we invite you to discover BESI Private Ltd. Services to experience a new standard for convenience, reliability, attention to detail, and professionalism that focuses on not only meeting your recruiting needs but also exceeding your expectations for customer support, quality of service, and overall excellence. BESI JobScout upholds the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, trust-worthiness, and expertise in the eyes of the employer. Our well-trained and experienced teams are committed to completing each assignment with speed and accuracy. To candidates, we are sound career advisors who can open doors to the best opportunities. Our customers experience services that are met on time, with greater efficiency and responsiveness than they would expect. Our well-trained and competent team is dedicated to finding the best possible human asset for the most demanding niche skilled areas. We believe in disciplined thoughts, disciplined actions, and disciplined people. We are equipped with the latest in infrastructure & Information Technology that gives us an unmatched and ever-growing database of qualified professionals to cater to every client’s challenging and technical manpower requirement.

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