About bESI

BESI JobScout is a registered manpower supply company. Our head office is in Dhaka and we specialize in safety professional manpower supply, such as safety managers and safety labor manpower supply. All our employees are recruited from different parts of the safety field so that they have sufficient knowledge and hands-on experience for their work. At BESI, we believe that contented employees work faster and more efficiently. Being a registered company, we ensure that we provide our employees with proper annual training activities and all other benefits prescribed by law. What sets us apart from other Manpower companies in the region is the effort we give to make sure our manpower, our greatest strength, is always satisfied, taken care of, and treated with respect while providing services of the utmost quality to our clients. Apart from providing the workforce for the safety profession, we also provide safety training to our manpower. Everyone knows how much trained labor force is required for companies or projects and BESI JobScout is always at your side to provide trained workers for your company or project at your convenience. 

BESI Private Ltd. has been imparting training for the career development of the safety profession and we are continuing to take great pride in providing all our students with world-class safety courses, third-party inspection services, and other business units. In all our safety courses, everyone gets to study and work with a dedicated and experienced mentor where the main purpose is to develop students as valuable safety professionals. Everyone will be an active participant in their training, not just an observer. We congratulated more than 5000 successful certified safety professionals who completed their safety courses here at BESI. Being dedicated to making every industry safer, BESI believes that safety holds the key to keeping workers safe and sustaining industrial assets and reputations. BESI is committed to providing total customer satisfaction by identifying their specific needs, translating them into safety professionals, and providing dependable training and inspection services.