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BESI JobScout is a registered manpower supply company. Our head office is in Dhaka and we specialize in safety professional manpower supply, such as safety managers and safety labor manpower supply. All our employees are recruited from different parts of the safety field so that they have sufficient knowledge and hands-on experience for their work.

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1. Inquiring Requirements
2. Providing relevant information
3. Discussing employment condition
4. Preparing employment condition
5. Signing manpower supply agreement
6. Submit Contract for authority approval
7. Recruitment Process


The Profitable Selection

  1. BESI JobScout has a large pool of skilled, semi-skilled workers.
  2. Labors are also educated, skilled, well-trained, experienced, patient, hardworking, and loyal,adapt to the post very quickly, and hiring cost is the lowest in the Asian regions.
  3. Whenever you need engineers or safety officers, or safety workers, you will find BESI workers to the task. A BESI worker is exactly an asset to his Employers and an asset to the place where he works for.

Why Choose Us

We have a highly professional and qualified recruitment team, including multi-disciplinary Consultants, Specialists, and Coordinators, with expertise across all functional areas and industries, to facilitate our clients in a more convenient and simple manner. 



11+ Years


The speech of Chairman

At BESI, we have two key priorities. Firstly, we make sure that students/workers/trainees are corporate ready by not only installing in them just good academic grades but also developing a well-rounded personality with high skills. Secondly, we play a role in connecting the students/workers/trainees with the corporate world which is achieved through initiatives.


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